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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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heartbreaking new details from the veterans home shooting. the new details next. more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. about the gunman in yountville.. and nd now 11:00, a warrior overtaken by demons. what we are learning tonight
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about the gunman in youngsville, and the possible motive behind the murders of three women. >> investigators say albert wong was a decorated veteran who had been kicked out of the pathway home program before starting in on an hours long standoff yesterday that ended in his death and the death of his hostages. the women killed remembered tonight as three beautiful people, and heartbreaking new details. jennifer gonzales was pregnant with her first child. >> we have team coverage tonight. first we go to katie nielsen live in youngsville, with more on who the shooter was. hi katie. >> reporter: good evening. right now we are seeing a lot of activity here at building liturgy. this was the site of yesterday's deadly hostage situation.
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we are now more than 24 hours after the end of this hostage standoff, and we are still seeing investigators going in and out of the building. mostly, working on the second floor. tonight, we are also learning more about the life of the suspected gunman, 36-year-old albert wong, as well as possible motives.>> we also lost one of our heroes, who clearly had a demons, that resulted in the terrible tragedy that we all experienced here. >> reporter: is was confirmed to cnn earlier today that the ellipse is 36-year-old albert wong was kicked out of the pathway home program two weeks ago, after threatening one of the victims. investigators say he came back friday morning, armed with a rifle, and took three employees hostage during a going away party for doctor gonzalez. >> it's far too early to say if they were chosen at random. >> reporter: wants former guardian said he had a difficult childhood. his father died when he was young and his mother couldn't
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care for him because of her mental illnesses. wong was an infantry man in the army. he was in the reserves for four years, and on active duty for three years. he was deployed to afghanistan, from april 2011, through march, 2012. his guardians say wong had a hard time readjusting after coming home from war, and lived with them in millbrae for a month. he went into the pathway home program, to help him reach his goal of going back to school, to study business and computer science. the mayor, who was also a board member at pathway home held a press conference earlier today i'm aware he wouldn't answer questions about why wong was told to leave the residential treatment program.>> was going to get into the personal details of the situation. that will come out eventually through the investigation. >> reporter: memorial here at the pathway home building is continuing to grow throughout the night. as people have been stopping by, leaving flowers, and candles.
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paying tribute to the three pathway home employees who lost their lives during the hostage standoff. >> katie, i have two questions, the first is, do investigators have anything more to say about the timing of when the hostages were killed? and also, what is happening with the pathway home program now, whether or not the veterans are still getting the help they need? >> reporter: the answer to your first question, brian, is, investigators have not given us any new information, relating to the timeline of yesterday's events. as we first told you yesterday, the situation started around 10:30 in the morning. they said they really weren't able to make contact with that suspected gunman at 6:00 that night. that is when s.w.a.t. teams moved in and actually found all four people involved in that situation dead read as far as when anything happened inside that room, investigators still are not releasing that information. the answer to your second question, there are six people who are still enrolled in the
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pathway home program, and they are continuing to get the help they need. as we talked about earlier, right now, investigators still have this building, building liturgy locked down. no one is allowed in or out. except, for those involved with the case. so, all of the residents here are still enrolled in the program, they are still getting help, they are just being held on another temporary housing location. >> that's katie nielsen. thank you. the women are being remembered as dedicated professionals. friends say the pathway home executive director christine loper always had a smile on her face. she taught yoga part-time. one class specifically for veterans, was a devoted mother to her eight-year-old daughter, and avid giants fan, and enjoyed competing in competitions. she joined pathway just six months ago. >> the three women that were lost yesterday dedicated their lives to helping our veterans. >> the third victim went to
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school in silicon valley. medina is live in mountain view with more on why her life was really just beginning, maria? >> reporter: tonight, we are hearing from jennifer's family. we learned she was a sister, a daughter, a wife, and she was about to add one more role, mother. >> i, and members of the pathway home family, the young male family lost three beautiful people yesterday. >> reporter: jen gonzales was not only a clinical psychologist for the census go medical is veterans medical center, she was also just weeks from being a mom. she was seven months pregnant with her first child, when she and her husband tj were less than two weeks away from there one year wedding anniversary. on the wedding website, the couple talked about how they
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met through an online dating service in 2013. tj proposed to her two years later, saying to jen, quote, i want to laugh with you forever. dance with you forever, and be weird with you forever. will you marry me? her friends have taken to social media to share with the world how jen touched their lives. she was a true light, a name ellipse is warm and engaging personality. the world's worst place without her. susan hennessy wrote, jen was brilliant. she cared about people, she dedicated her life to helping veterans who were hurting.>> she will be sorely missed on a professional level, even more so on a personal level. >> reporter: jennifer's family tells kpix5 tonight, jennifer was adored by all who knew her, and will always be remembered for her unconditional love , and incredibly giving heart. jennifer attended stanford university as well as st. francis high school here in mountain view behind me. school leaders described her has an excellent student, and
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bright spirit. maria medina, kpix5. >> thanks. president trump tweeted today we are saddened by the tragic situation, and mourn the loss of three incredible women who cared for our veterans. the veterans campus off highway 29 is the largest facility of its kind in the u.s., it was founded in 1884, and serves now about 1100 veterans. the pathway home is an exclusive rehabilitation program on that campus, that occupies parts of the veterans home of california, and serves mainly veterans who fought in wars after the 9/11 attacks. and, it accepts only about 15 to 20 veterans at a time, treating them for ptsd, and for brain injuries come out while helping them to reintegrate into civilian life. the program has helped more than 450 patients since opening its doors in 2007. the nonprofit gets no direct funding from the government. it is aborted through donations, and fundraisers.
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this tragedy has hit hard among all veterans. reporter mark thompson went to a vfw hall near sacramento, where some members have shared their own struggles with ptsd. on the veterans home campus. >> reporter: after serving in vietnam, commander mike ward knows firsthand the effects of post dramatic stress disorder, or ptsd, the horrific integers -- imagers of combat he said never go away. >> when i came home i was in bad shape. if it hadn't been for my mother and brothers, i don't know what would've happened, because i was pretty far gone. >> reporter: he had family supportable him through but he says most veterans with ptsd need professional help, help the government has fallen short in providing, he says.>> it needs to be fixed. >> reporter: more strongly condemned the shooter's actions, but can't help but wonder if it could have been prevented. >> you just can't send a guy
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through a nine week program for ptsd and say all right, you pass, you're okay. you never okay, because you never get over it. >> reporter: again, the veterans say their hearts go out to the victims families, but at the same time, they want to put pressure on the government to provide more resources, to help treat ptsd. in fact, after yesterday's tragedy, post commander moore says he wrote to his congressman to express his thoughts on the issue. in the newsroom, mark thompson, kpix5. >> you can find much more on this story, what we are learning about the gunman and victims on our website, that is cbs officers tried to portal -- pulley vero -- vehicle over at 5:30 this evening. details are scarce, but after the attempted stop, at least one officer opened fire, hitting someone inside the car. there is no word now on that person's condition.
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a powerful exposure to the house in san jose, the damage so bad at the parts that didn't burn down fell down. and, there was a woman trapped inside. kpix5's jackie ward spoke to a neighbor who risked his own life to save her.>> it's incredible. it's something you don't wake up to every morning, that's for sure. >> reporter: chad collins is a neighborhood hero. just before 11:00 a.m., chad says his entire house shook, and he immediately ran outside to figure out what happened. that is when he saw his neighbor's house. >> i popped my head in, and i asked, is anyone in there? and you could hear her gasping for air. like, in a scared manner. you could tell she was shocked. >> reporter: chad put the woman on his shoulder, and carried her out, just in the nick of time. >> within 30 seconds, the house just was engulfed. so, we had a very short
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timeframe to get in and get her out. >> reporter: the san jose fire department said the women lit a match in the back bedroom, they say there was so much gas in the air in her home, that lighting the match caused the house to explode. >> didn't smell any gas, i could only smell her hair, because her hair had burnt all the way in the back. >> reporter: where the time the fire department arrived, the front wall had blown out, and the roof had collapsed. they say they don't know how the woman was essentially unharmed after the house exploded, and credit chad for saving her life.>> if you are a person with a heart, you want to help someone and seeing that poor lady crawling out of this rubble. i mean, i wasn't going to stand there. so of course i jumped in. >> reporter: just before all of this happened, chad had been texting with another neighbor who said that he smelled gas somewhere in the neighborhood, but that it quickly dissipated. utility crews remain on scene hours after the fire was put out. they say there else is there crews are taking the quick gas lines but couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from. in san jose, jackie moore, kpix5. coming up, the president
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blast california condemning the state immigration stance. plus, a mountain lion scare on the peninsula days after that trail was shut down point and, a total fail. acl does a thief tries to make off with a candy machine but not without making a huge mess in the process. the man they are calling the gumball bandit. and week ahead, we have a big change. we will have the forecast for you when we come back.
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announced plans to *sue over state laws on immigration. they don't care about crime. they don't care about death and killings. they don't care about robberies. they don't care about the kind of things that you and i care about
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president trump coming down hard on the state of california today after his administration announced plans to sue over state laws on immigration.>> they don't care about crime. they don't care about death and killings. they don't care about robberies . they don't care about the kind of things that you and i care about.>> the president also went after the oakland mayor, who issued a public warning to the city's undocumented immigrants about the possibility of an imminent federal crackdown. the president accused of threatening the safety of federal officers and law- abiding american. the president was in pennsylvania tonight on behalf of congressional candidate rick's account, who faces a tight election on tuesday. in a wide-ranging set of remarks, he gave supporters a preview of his reelection campaign, in 2020. with a new slogan. >> we can't say make america great again because i already did that, right? but, our new slogan, when we start running, in two years from now, can you believe it?
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is going to be, keep america great exclamation point. keep america great. >> i tell you, we did a great job on the limericks, the president of south korea said without donald trump, the limits would have been a total failure. it's true. a little hard to sell tickets when you think you're going to be nuked. >> reporter: he urged supporters to see what happens regarding north korea, adding that he hopes the two sides can come to a deal that is great for the world. it is a jungle out there. another mountain lying siding on the peninsula. it was spotted on the 1800 block of san mateo. it wasn't aggressive and ran away. this happened 20 miles south, where another mountain lion was acting aggressively.
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that one prompted officials to put caution tape, and shutdown the sunrise hiking trail. the first encounter was early thursday. the second one early friday. the county says the animal may have been trying to protect a young cub. in san jose, chris columbus has discovered a new home, at least temporarily. the statue that once stood in the lobby of the san jose city hall was moved today to the italian american heritage building. the city has been under pressure from groups who see columbus les is a brave explorer and more as a ruthless colonizer. eventually, the statue was moved to a museum in little italy, still in the planning phase. we have seen a lot of random burglaries but this one takes the cake. have a surveillance video showing a thief breaking into an animal shelter in sacramento, to go after their fundraising gumball machine. you can see he was having a hard time. this happened at the front street animal shelter. we are hoping this video will help police catch the gumball bandit.
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back in the bay area, bacon and beer in oakland today. hundreds gathering for the annual bacon and beer festival, including 18 breweries, a dozen restaurants, and a lot of bacon. the festival was running for five years but it was different today. the market building was transformed into an open air market, with more than 100 local vendors.>> our guests -- the money our guests are spending here today goes to homegrown which helps small businesses thrive in eastlake entity. even though the bacon and beer festival is done, the open-air market will keep coming back, you can check it out on the second saturday of each month. you know, march 10 may not ring a bell to you, but it rang a big bell back in 1933. it was on this day that california experienced one of its biggest and most important earthquakes, the long beach earthquake unleashed a little bit after 6 pm on march 10 19,
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85 years ago. it took down every building in the town and killed more than 125 people. it was this quake that led california to say wait a minute, these brick buildings have got to go. that is where all morn says modern building codes began to spring from, this earthquake. when they finally said unreinforced masonry no more. magnitude 6.4. in the weather department, things have dried up around the bay area, with not much. we had one hundredth of an inch of rain in san jose, 100th of an inch in napa, and spreckels in between. right now, towards the bay bridge, concord is a 51 degrees, livermore 46 and seven cisco 49.7 cisco 45 degrees. low-pressure spinning in the gulf of alaska, next week that low will send a series of storms into california. it will be colder, and it is going to be wetter as well. clouds to the south of us are creating pretty good rain down
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in san diego and los angeles, but for us tomorrow, sunday will live up to its name. high pressure briefly establishes itself before getting booted out by monday afternoon. warmer and drier and sunnier on sunday, then, the pattern changes. shower chances begin on monday, and once they begin, they don't end anytime soon. high temperatures tomorrow, temperatures will relatively warm for the bay area, 74 degrees in santa rosa, 70 in napa, 72 in fairfield and 70 livermore. a nice day on sunday, but the calm before the proverbial storm. on monday, increasing clouds lead to heavier rain on wednesday and thursday, before more rain comes in on friday and on saturday, we have mostly cloudy skies, don't forget it is time to spring ahead. we set the clocks ahead tonight or tomorrow morning, whenever you want. tonight is the night. speaking of shaking things up, here's vern.>> springing forward, saturday night sports
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special, so night we do it it's so nice we do it twice, two segments ahead among the top trending stories on twitter, who the 49ers brought into upgrade its defense. if you haven't heard, the name may raise an eyebrow, or two.
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went all in at one of its biggest needs...corner- back... and landed a big one...a familiar one to 49ers empire... and a fellow top, the 49ers are not just fooling around, they went all in at one of its biggest needs, cornerback. they landed a big one, familiar to 49ers empire. >> on the best one in the game. that's the result you're going to get. >> reporter: richard sherman, who batted away the niners 2014 super bowl hopes is a 49er. $39 million deal isn't official yet, but general manager john
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lynch tweeted out this photo with your minute team headquarters. sherman was released by seattle friday. he says training camp, he will be good to go. coming off an achilles injury. a segway to the ice, sap center, skating against the sharks, the late second period, watch on the attack, nicholas beckstrom to the back of the net. that open scoring, same score, less than two minutes left, open goal. washington 12-0. the first regulation win in san jose since 1993. golf, check the stair down, that's tiger woods. it made the field flinch in the pga stop. are shots like this familiar? like old times, folks, round two, two shots off the field, made the turn, had a chance at the lead, held it and lost it and hit from 22 feet, 467, one
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shot off the lead heading into her final round. two baseball, we have the giants, because, well, you've waited long enough. split squad gains against the angels, third inning, albert pulls out, two runs for tyler beatty, six runs and 2 1/3 inning, giants win, the other half of the angels with the other half of the giants of poker yard. giants won that guard, final of 11-7. rangers beat the a's 8 to 2. ahead is a segment too, and we are going above the rim. 14 more march madness bids were handed out tonight. who out of the pac-12 got beyond the velvet ropes into the ncaa tournament club?
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what's your full name? >> lucas. i know, i love my full name two. >> [ laughter ] lucas is a handful. >> i hurt my left acl. i had issues with my ankle.
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my right ankle. >> i keep joking with him he has injured every joint in his body.>> before getting in with the doctors and myself, you know, if you got injured, he would just try to push through it. >> reporter: we got to the point where like, i think we need to look at this and figure out what is causing all the injuries to begin with. and then, from there, he started working with brian.>> this is building my stamina to do what i need to do.>> he has aspirations to play the next level, anyway i can help that out i am there for him. >> sponsored by ucf the -- ucsf benioff children's hospital.
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basketball...and we take you to close captioning for this newscast is brought to you by living spaces. we are back to take you up tempo, college basketball, let's take you to the oasis of paradise, las vegas. matter of the pac-12 championship was settled, usc versus arizona in white.
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rollie hawkins is a grown man. cats laid down 51-46, three minutes to go eight point game, deandre aidan, give me an lu, thank you. he scored 32, grabbed 18 rebounds. katz won the game 75-61. one his third lead to tournaments title in four years. big east final, providence coach ed cooley covered up his ripped pants. defendant villanova, jaelyn bronson beat the buzzer with that shot, they wanted 76-66. the cats second straight big east tournament title. and, hello skaters. opening act for san diego state and new mexico in white. mountain west final, as tax like the long ball, trey kell scored 21 of his 28 point in the second half with the aspects -- as tax clinched their first tournament bid
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since 2015. university of maryland baltimore county in gray had to figure out vermont, american east final, time running down, a three ball and the retrievers are headed to the ncaa dance. first time since 2008. 65-62. winner, and jules asked me who won the day. >> speaking of that, who won the day? >> that would be the montevista girls soccer team, division i champions, 1-0 over bishop, the other season number one in the nation, number one in the east bay, and, with a 20 game win streak. >> that's amazing, congratulations. that's great. we'll be right back. >> logic hello! -- [ laughter ] hello? hello. ♪ hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. ♪ ♪ hello? can i help you? hello! hello? hello!!!
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hello hello!!! ♪
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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you know, you could buy a four bedroom house in los angeles for thousand dollars. >> in 1933. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching, we'll see you tomorrow.
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